Venice is one of the many dream cities that people are keen on visiting and I finally had the chance to! Very much like what everyone is expecting, it is filled with water and the city is low-lying. There is this saying of ‚I love getting lost in […]

French Crêpes… not just dessert!

Crêpes are not part of my native culture. The thin and very adaptable base so common in French culture was virtually unknown to me until I was in my teens. In its stead, growing up in eastern Canada, we had „pancakes“ (or „flapjacks“) a much thicker & more […]

Itinerary For Budapest

My first Eastern Europe destination was Budapest, Hungary. I’ve heard so much about this beautiful place with unique personality because Buda and Pest were actually two different cities separated by the Danube River before they became a single city, Budapest. If you’re arriving from the airport, there is […]